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Posted on 2008.05.05 at 05:09
This journal is now [somewhat] officially for community use only.

If you'd like to know where I am lurking on the internet more officially, let me know.

Quote from unknown.

Posted on 2007.08.01 at 02:20
Because he has been a major part of your life, of course you'll miss him; it's perfectly normal. It's like getting a tooth pulled out; after the dentist pulls it out you're relieved. But how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was? Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it was hurting you does not mean you don't notice it. It leaves a gap, & sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It's going to take awhile, but it takes time. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you pain. Pulling the tooth was the right decision, but it's going to hurt.

Posted on 2007.03.07 at 14:55
Intoxicate ourselves until our words slip and slide like icecubes down our backs, translucency reserved for bottle caps that clink when they hit the pavement, for laughter that ripples over nothing and stops for nothing but another spilled sip on your shirt, extravagants that compete for most eyes on the prize that no one will win. The most obnoxious comes out on top, handfuls of half-fufilling stares to keep them fueled and looking for more, more people to latch on to, to stroke and touch and imply until they're yours for just a moment til your next playful hunt begins. You'll never really know these people, just their touch, their voice, their taste on your lips the most poignant memory when they're only a moment of the past again. You'll give yourself a million times just to look for something new but find the same old a thousand times until you think that maybe that's what you were searching for in the first place. And that's okay, cause a false sense of accomplishment feels better to you than an overwhelming sense of failure and you'll cling to it til the last moment you can before it too dissapears into the past, into your collection of pasts, of people, things, and moments you pretend you'll remember forever, but you're not a forever either. Just another moment in the grand collection of time. Just someone else's moment again... and again.